Product FAQs


What kinds of products do you offer?

We specialize in various eyewear products including eyeglasses, reading glasses, and sunglasses.

What does my purchase include?

With every order, you will receive your glasses, a case, a cleaning cloth.

Can I purchase lenses only?

We do not sell lenses separately. When one orders lenses separately and then tryies to fit them to an existing frame, there is a chance that the lenses will not fit. Even a 1-2 millimeter difference can end up causing lenses to not fit correctly into a pair of frames. It is crucial that the lenses are sized and fitted accurately into the frames - something we do while cutting the lenses.

What is my PD?

"PD" stands for pupillary distance. This is the distance from the center of one pupil to the other, measured in millimeters.

What kind of lenses do you offer?

The frames in our store can be purchase as "frame only", which would result in them coming with demo lenses. You can also choose from single vision, progressive, photochromic, anti-blue, or clear non-prescription lenses.

What are demo lenses?

If you select "frame only" instead of opting for custom lenses, your frames will come with demo lenses. These are not intended to be worn for everyday use and are to be replaced with proper lenses. The demo lenses are simply to help size the lenses that will replace them.

What are lens indexes?

Lens indexes, also know as refractive indexes, indicate how much light is bent as it passes through a lens. These are the numbers that show in front of the lens type (ex. 1.56, 1.61, 1.67). Higher indexes mean better light-bending efficiency, resulting in thinner and lighter lenses. Lenses with a higher strength will generally require higher lens indexes to prevent them from becoming overly heavy and thick.

What are anti-blue lenses?

Anti-blue light lenses are eyeglass lenses designed to reduce the amount of blue light from digital screens (computers, phones, tablets, etc.), which can help alleviate eye strain and discomfort caused by prolonged device use.

Can I send you my frames and have you insert custom lenses?

We are not able to have you send us your own frames to have them fitted for lenses. The reason is that if something were to happen to them while in transit to us, such as damage or being lost, we would be unable to assume liability.

Are your glasses meant for men or women?

Virtually all of our glasses are unisex styles - meaning that they can be worn by both men and women.

Do you offer virtual try-on?

We do not have a virtual try on feature on our site at this time.


 Payment, Shipping & Returns FAQs


How long will it take to receive my order?

Our items are being shipping from China and usually take between 3-5 business days to ship. The specific amount of time will primarily depend on the type of lenses being ordered to go along with the frames. Generally, progressive lenses take longer than single vision lenses to make.

After shipment, your order will typically arrive to you within 10-15 business days if using standard shipping. If you check out with expedited shipping, your order will generally arrive within approximately 5 business days. Please note that any arrival dates we mention are estimates only and not full guarantees. For more information, please refer to our shipping policy.

Will I be given tracking information?

Yes. You will be provided with shipping and tracking information after your order ships via email.

Do you accept returns?

We offer a 30 day return policy on our frames. If within 30 days of receipt, you are unsatisfied with a returnable (eligible) product for any reason, you can either do a product exchange, or return the item and receive a refund. For more information on returns, please refer to our return policy.

Please note that lenses are not able to be returned/refunded. If there is an issue with the lenses you receive, please contact us no later than 5 business days from the delivery date and we would be happy to work with you to find a resolution.

What if my glasses arrive damaged?

Please reach out to us no later than 5 business days from the delivery date and we would be happy to assist with a resolution.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal as payment methods.